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Video poker is a classic casino game featuring a hand of five cards that players can fold and hold to create the highest ranking hand possible. The higher the rank, the higher the payout. It’s that simple to play and now that you know all there is to this simple game, you can pick the variety that suits you best for a game of cards for real cash. Better yet, try them all and see which one rewards you more. Draw poker has never been more exciting than right here at 21Nova Casino.

Jacks or Better

A game with the rules that are right in the name, Jacks or Better Video Poker is a version of the game that requires players to hold at least a pair of jacks to end their turn “in the money”. That means a hand worthy of receiving a payout. It really couldn’t be any easier to get started than with this classic Video Poker style. Five cards are all you’ll have to fold or hold to make the highest ranking poker hand, but it won’t be long before you’re rolling in the dough with these instant classics. We offer players the opportunity to play both single-hand and multi-hand version of the game. So get your poker game on with one or as many as 50 hands at once!

Aces & Faces

Similar to Jacks or Better, Aces and Faces requires players to hold a minimum hand in order to earn a corresponding cash prize. This time players will need to hold, you guessed it, aces and face cards to earn their cash prize. We’ve got a slew of Aces and Faces Video Poker version to choose from at the casino and every one of them is sure to please. Start small and work your way up to a multi-hand version, or jump right in to a jackpot variation of Video Poker for an opportunity to walk away with the biggest cash prizes.

Wilds & Jokers

What could be better than a little something extra to better your chances against the house in a game of cards? Well, Adding wilds and jokers into the mix, that’s what. These Video poker varieties do just that and give players even more of a chance to walk away from our video poker games as winners. The rules are much the same to Jacks or Better and Aces or Faces variations of the game, only now there are cards that can substitute for others to create even higher ranking hands. There’s no better way to come out a winner in Video Poker than with a little edge on the competition. Stack the odds in your favor with Wild and Joker variations of video poker every time to play these games at 21Nova Casino.

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