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Scratch cards are a convenience store cornerstone and players from all over Canada enjoy them on a daily basis. 21Nova provides fans of Scratch Cards with plenty of unique and rewarding options to enjoy right here at the casino. You can get your fill of instant gratification and low-risk, high-reward games anytime, day or night. There’s no better way to turn pennies into dollars than with these easy to approach games that casual players and hardcore scratchers can both get behind.

Approachable Games

Scratch Card games are incredibly easy to play. Players can know virtually nothing about these games in order to begin winning easy cash prizes. There are only a few things players will have to know before getting started playing scratch cards and those are how much they’d like to wager per card and whether or not they want to scratch manually or use the auto play function. That’s all there is to it! There are no technical rules or mechanics to master and no twists or turns to navigate following any outcome. All a player has to do is purchase the ticket and scratch away to reveal whether they’ve won.

Instant Gratification

One of the most attractive features of these games is that players won’t have to wait long following a fortunate scratch card result before they’ll be adding winnings to their casino bankroll. Even faster than slots, Scratch Cards provide players with instant gratification when it comes to pocketing returns. You get payouts in seconds with every positive outcome when scratching the day away with these satisfying games.

Hands-Free Scratching

What’s even better than no learning curve and rewards coming in the form of instant gratification is the fact that these games can be played hands-free. An auto play function is available for players who have busy schedules or want to partake in other activities simultaneously while at the casino. In some cases as many as 100 cards can be scratched in succession while utilizing this function. To enable the feature, players will just have to designate a card value and press the amount of cards to scratch using auto play.

It’s plain to see why these games are so popular among Canadian players. So, check out our extensive selection of scratch card games, pick one that fits your mood, and start scratching to reveal your next cash reward.

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