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Players at the casino have plenty of options to enjoy when it comes to casino classics and modern takes on the most familiar games found at 21Nova. However, sometimes a change of pace is just what the doctor ordered. For this situation, we’ve accumulated a substantial selection of games for players to enjoy that can be found off the beaten path. These games are all unique in their own special way and offer an array of entertainment options while still boasting plenty of opportunities to win substantial cash prizes.


One of the most popular game types in this category is scratchcards. These games are simple and straight forward, making them a real pleasure to play when a more casual experience is what players after. What they lack in fancy features and graphics they more than make up for win winning potential. In fact, they are just about the best selection when it comes to low-risk, high-reward games. Along with requiring little money to invest on a high return, scratch cards don’t require much time invested either. Players can simply purchase the cards at their desired value and scratch to reveal if they’re a winner. Auto play is even available for hands-free scratching on a massive scale.


Keno is another great arcade-style game that can be found in most casino bars and lounges. In this game, players will select a series of numbers from a large field, typically 80 in all, in the hopes that their predicted numbers will be drawn. The more drawn numbers that match a player’s selection, the higher the resulting prizes will be. The game offers a relaxing experience as players only have to choose their initial numbers and are then free to sit back and relax while numbers are drawn.

Exotic Games

While there are plenty of familiar favorites at the online casino, a healthy assortment of exotic games are also available for players looking to try something new and exciting. These games can include the distinct poker styling of Pai Gow, the famous tile game of Mahjongg, Dice games like Sic Bo and many more. These games come with unique rules and layouts that offer players the opportunity to learn something totally new while still having ample opportunity to receive cash rewards while they play.

Virtual Sports

For our athletically enthusiastic players, there are virtual sports games available at the casino, too. Horse races, bowling, football, and many more games based on popular sporting events are assembled to offer yet another exciting outlet of casino gaming for players. Enjoy a front row seat at the half or a day at the races without ever having to leave home. The same great rewards are always in store for players who can reach the back of the net or cross the finish line ahead of the pack.

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